I've got a Joomla site about several subjects that also has articles labeled, so when you attend a topic site you've checkboxes for each one of the possible tags. Whenever you choose a checkbox (tag) it shows all the articles associated with the topic which have been labeled with this problem.

I'd like that it wouldn't show the checkbox if no articles about this subject happen to be labeled with this problem. i.e. I'd rather not see an "Economy" checkbox if you will find not articles about subject "X" labeled with "Economy". I'm not a Joomla guy normally, so any help could be greatly appreciated.

Here's area of the text box form:

<div class="issueCheckbox">
<input name="checkbox" type="checkbox" onclick="$(this).is(':checked') && $('#rssFeedEconomy').slideDown('slow') || $('#rssFeedEconomy').slideUp('slow');" />

This is actually the part in which the articles for every are populated

<div id="rssFeedEconomy" style="display: none;">
<jdoc:include type="modules" name="rssFeedEconomy" />