Can someone point me within the right direction/website here

It is possible to means by PHP the best way to update a specific table dynamically by evaluating the area title in the FORM and also the column_title in the database.


INPUT title="email_address"


Database Column title is email_address

I discovered something however is not so flexible for me...

I've such like in position and it is stable.

All you want do is to buy the coloumns out of your table, and generate your input fields dynamically Then, when it is published back, implode everything, right into a string. See if the coloumn names received matches those inside your table and implode even the values. Add_slashes and escape any quotes or any other possible sql injection figures.

The next code may be the one I personally use for any MASSIVE project/s.

$postvars = $_POST;
 $q = "replace into `".$opertable."`

remove__v removes some validation techniques and submit buttons etc using the function below

function removeObj($array) {
  foreach($array as $key => $value) {
    if (substr_count($key,'obj__')) unset($array[$key]);
  return $array;

my input buttons are named as obj__*

Hope you get the drift.

It ought to be easy to just get they key in the Publish super-global, but think about the security risks involved. Keep in mind that the shape has been posted because of your user, he could easily produce a fake input area known as rights, and provide themself administrator privileges!

Should you still want to choose it, the answer is straightforward. Loop over publish, obtaining the key and cost and appending it towards the SQL query as a result:

$sql = "UPDATE user SET ";
foreach($_POST as $key => $value)
    $sql .= $key . " = " . $value . ',';

$sql = substr($sql,0,-1);       //Remove the last comma