I'm going to start a major part of my application if you take images I publish on my small website and getting the telephone retrieve these images and dynamically add these to a listbox. That listbox will have a thumbnail from the image, along with the time that it was published. If your user clicks the look, they'll be come to another page where they are able to either download it towards the phone or share it to a person.

However, just like any absolute beginner, I'm seeking lessons regarding how to do that.

I've discovered two:


Windows Phone 7: Making ListBox items change dynamically

I'll have mock code up in order to help understand my approach about this:

  1. Possess a listbox (title: photosfromsite)

  2. Goal would be to have ListBoxItems as individual photos in the site. How you can populate these dynamically is not yet been done. How?

  3. Have the ability to pass ListBoxItem title/identifier/etc to pass through the look on new page when clicked on (use query throughout page transition?)

  4. Have website set with photos.

  5. Do an asynch make use of application launch to retrieve these images.Calling maybe 10 at a period?

Page1 XAML:

<Grid x:Name="layoutgrid">
  <StackPanel x:Name="panelforlistbox">
     <ListBox x:Name="photosfromsite">

             <Image Source="http://www.thewebsite.com/Image1.jpg>

             <Image Source="http://www.thewebsite.com/Image2.jpg>



Page1 C#:

//Some event handler to requisition the website for the images placed

//Some code to grab {get, set} the date and time

//Some code to generate a new listbox item in light of this.

//Some event handler for getting the updated list, if not already updated.

//Some event handler to signify when a user clicked on a listboxitem and to 
//pull that info to a new page.

I recognize I'm missing a sizable part of this code, however i think I've got a somewhat passable framework in your mind of the items I have to do?

Any assistance is always appreciated. I have acquired C# the very first time a few several weeks ago, and gradually I have been learning a great deal about this. This appears to be the sole major factor during my way before my application is performed, and Among the finest to make certain I understand it properly!

And also to make certain no ambiguity is available within the claim by what my real question is -- Are these appropriate lessons or perhaps is there somewhere having a step-by-step instruction (ideally video) of methods to complete precisely what I'm attempting to do. Otherwise, can example code be written or copied and pasted?

Have you thought about the way the website will keep a listing of their images? Or will you scrape the HTML on their behalf?

Could they be likely to be FTP'd towards the site or maybe there is some type of DB that consists of a listing of these?

A webservice could then be included to the website that returns a listing of images that will then function as the datasource from the list box. A convertor could be employed to customize the image file title to incorporate the entire road to in which the image is? I am speculating the webservice can also be accustomed to produce the pictures and send these to the telephone, or even the phone could retrieve them and make the thumbnail.

It might be worth thinking about the bandwidth needs of moving large images images about.