I've got a hiking site and following a hike happens I generate an e-mail to request them the way it was.

The present issue is that there's a minimal ratio of individuals logging into websites to inform regarding their hikes. So I wish to log them in instantly once they click the link. Since it will likely be using their email, I'm able to depend that it's them, right? :)

I'm thinking to possess some GUID produced and when an individual clicks through around the url which has the guid like a param, I'm able to log them in.

Is the fact that a good idea? Can there be something better that you can do? Must I produce the GUID like me producing their email? Or must i produce the GUID immediately after they initially sign up for the hike?

Thanks, Alex

I believe the easiest way ended up being to place the guid whenever placing the record that'll be used later.

This way more situations are placed in a single statement instead of upgrading that database record later.