Imagine you've got a site API that accepts data as GET demands with parameters, or as Publish demands (say, with standard url-encoded, &lifier-separated Publish data). If you wish to log and evaluate API calls, the GET demands is going to be easy, because they'll be within the apache log. It is possible to simple method of getting the Publish data within the apache log too?

(Obviously we're able to log the Publish data clearly within the application, but Let me come with an configuration-level method in which allow me to not be worried about it in code.)

Use Apache's mod_dumpio. Be cautious for apparent reasons.

Not quite a solution, but I have not heard about a method to do that in Apache itself. I suppose it may be possible by having an extension module, but I'm not sure whether a person written.

One problem is that Publish data could be pretty large, and when you do not put some type of limit how expensive is being drenched, you may exhaust disk space before long. It is a possible route for cyber-terrorist to wreck havoc on your server.

I'd get it done within the application, really. Will still be configurable at runtime, based on your logger system, obviously. For instance, if you are using Apache Log (log4j/cxx) you can configure a devoted logger for such Web addresses after which configure it at runtime from an XML file.