I've got a domain title registered and I wish to have the ability to send and receive mail for many mail addresses @ mydomain. I am speaking about a small amount of addresses, and small mail volumes (but I must have the ability to scale as needed).

I suppose you will find a minimum of three options:

  1. Operate a mail gateway myself (that we am well acquainted with, but would rather steer clear of the hassle)
  2. Having to pay a website hosting company to operate a gateway/host my mail makes up about me.
  3. Make use of a located email gateway services like AuthSMTP.

So my real question is: whoever else discovered to be the easiest and least expensive option? Exist other available choices to think about?

Just reactions - overwhelming support for GoogleApps. I have examined this out, so that as stated by many - it rocks.

Best Answer - GoogleApps

Here's a listing of things i setup and just how:

  1. Signed-up at GoogleApps. The "Standard Edition" is simply fine that i can get email service.
    1. Next thing would be to validate your domain possession by either posting a unique file online running in the domain, or place a unique CNAME record inside your dns entry
    2. When the domain is validated, the chat, paperwork, calendar and sites features is going to be active.
    3. Make it possible for Email, should also configure the MX records for the domain
  2. I've got a domain registered at http://whois.com, however it only agreed to be pointing to some domain parking page, and so i first needed to add the "Handled DNS" plan to my whois account and alter my nameservers in the domain-parking addresses towards the whois.com nameservers. Appeared to consider in regards to a day with this to propagate correctly before I possibly could proceed.
  3. I added the special CNAME entry (as motivated by google) and told google applications to verify my domain possession
  4. Then simply needed to add the MX records as motivated by google.
  5. Presto - I am delivering and receiving mail from my very own domain. Total price - about USD3.88 for that DNS service I'm using.

In my opinion you will get Google Mail for the domain free of charge via Google Applications. Including IMAP support, if you wish to use desktop mail clients. I've not used the service, myself, in order to only assume it's as simple as determining Google as the MX once you register.

Well, while you say, it's a little of the hassle to create a mail gateway, so my suggestion is always to setup Google Applications together with your domain. It's pretty straight-forward, simple to setup and many people already use/know google mail that they'll easily result in the transition.

Google Applications, completely. Simple to setup and tons more reliable than every other mail hosting I have ever used. Free for any remarkably many customers &lifier storage low as chips after that.

While it's a thrilling time to create your personal e-mail, it simply does not pay to get it done. Even bought hosting is commonly cheaper than the electricity alone would cost to complete in your own home...