I simply visited the Static Website Generation on Ruby toolbox and I'm not sure which of programs listed there's ideal for any little blog engine. Essentially I want:

  • a catalog page with 1..5 of recent articles with reduced content
  • possible ways to add couple of primary pages along with a menu to gain access to them (breadcrumb optional)
  • show articles
  • show/search archives
  • leaving comments system - Disqus Ok
  • tag-list cloud - optional
  • Look&Feel via layout

Important all content is going to be converted in 3 languages!
I'm able to host by myself server, so side processing can be done.


First I'll try nanoc => blog's source on github

take a look at jekyll, it will work nicely with this.

I believe nanoc worth an attempt it's all you specified, even when isn't the best rated on ruby toolbox its positively developed and highly easy to customize.
nanoc is really a tool that operates on the local computer and compiles documents designed in formats for example Markdown, Textile, Haml… right into a static site composed of simple HTML files, ready for uploading to the web server.
and thats true :) I apply it some time not specifically for any blog, however it has additionally assistants for your...

Try my very own "serious" - aside from archive search and tag cloud, it's all you specified, as well as the fundamental install should get you something similar to a few minutes on heroku (and perhaps 10 by yourself server via Rack). Additionally, it has syntax highlighting, Disqus comments, Google Statistics along with other treats.


jewel install serious

Disclaimer: It doesn't produce static html pages you are able to upload for your php vhost, though. However it uses caching and it is quite simple to create and creates the free intend on heroku.