I've several web programs for various clients, as both versions is database driven having a MySQL database. It's very time intensive to create a front-finish for every database to permit customers to handle the database (place, remove, create reviews, etc).

Can there be any kind of web-based front-end (much like phpMyAdmin) that's both easy to use and safe (will not permit the user to change database structure)?

Since I Have am using hosting that is shared on GoDaddy, I'm not able to setup different customers with various permissions for that phpMyAdmin installation...


sqlBuddy ( http://sqlbuddy.com/ ) is definitely an ajax based drop-in application that you desire to check out. You could have them sign in because the mysql user you place up for his or her website, and limit that user to simply the fundamentals, i.e. CRUD. You could have as numerous copies from it that you would like plus they don't hinder one another, or at best I've not had any difficulties with 2 or 3 copies simultaneously.

Opt for a more compact, less fully-featured phpadmin tool, and merely personalize it just a little.

At 10kb, PHP Mini Admin will be a sensible choice.

Or maybe that's too minimal, take a look at Adminer.