I had been lately uncovered to the idea of an Entity Attribute Value database model via. the Magento e-commerce system. Varien (the organization behind Magento) has utilized a relational database (mysql) to produce an EAV style model using PHP Objects.

I am curious if you will find "native" EAV database solutions available. The "featured lately on stack overflow CouchDB" appears enjoy it might fit this model. Is the fact that a proper assumption, or perhaps is CouchDB another thing? Where else could I've found EAV within the wild?

Relational would be to MySQL as EAV would be to ___?

Relational would be to MySQL as EAV would be to ...

Various non-relational database technology is gaining popularity, to aid dynamic characteristics. Listed here are a couple of you can examine out:

These are more suitable to attempting to pressure the EAV data model right into a relational database!

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