If you're handling all of your own certification(working within BizSpark license), is it feasible run Home windows with an EC2 instance marked for Linux/Unix?

I'm thinking about moving a devoted server I must EC2 but was unable to find assistance with this. I've been told that you will get complete treatments for the instance to set up anything you like, but desired to determine if other people has attempted this. Just info!

Update: Changing a devoted virtual with 512MB memory and 10GB storage. Hosting mostly one-off sites and blog or three.

I recall this was possible before Amazon . com supported Home windows instances natively. You might want to look into the links below to follow along with the discussions around the subject in the 2006-2008 era.

Nevertheless, you have to consider that you'll lose performance and you'll complicate your setup considerably. The little Home windows instance costs no more than $18-$22 more monthly in comparison to some small Linux instance, and so i believe you need to evaluate if the gain is going to be more value compared to performance loss and setup complexity.

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It had been possible before to create your personal License of Home windows to Amazon . com underneath the Home windows License Mobility Pilot however it appears to possess been wiped out off... the API still is available though, so perhaps its something they'll bring later... I have no idea the particulars, however i think you have the instance in the same cost while you would a Linux instance, with no reduction in performance either...