I have used Amazon . com EC2 for hosting a lately launched website, mainly to gauge traffic demands etc. before carrying out to some more devoted host. I am presently utilizing a small demonstration of Win2k8+SQL and having to pay about $80/month for that service.

Since they have been up for any month I'm thinking about more lengthy-term VPS solutions. However, I am a bit amazed at costs. I do not visit a significant cost distinction between EC2 along with a devoted VPS (often a $20 difference for the same degree of equipment). I am also a little concerned, because a few of the links published for VPS recommendations don't appear to operate anymore (ie. I am confident Amazon . com will stay the coming year, however it appears that isn't that situation for those VPSes).

My questions:

  1. Does anybody use EC2 for full-time, devoted hosting of the Home windows server, and it is there any reason to avoid so? I am particularly observing that EC2 is really a cloud provider for on-demand, transient loads, hence my fascination with its viability like a devoted provider.
  2. What are the Home windows VPSes which are suggested, will be in business for a while and provide an expense help to just running on EC2?

I've multiple EC2 servers running commercial production websites, and I am very pleased with the cost/performance ratio and general quality/stability.

The primary reason I would look elsewhere could be for better/cheaper support...

You will find issues, for example last time I checked you could not configure RDNS.

Another problem is when you begin to take advantage in excess of only the EC2 service your costs begin to spiral. It's a fairly safe wager that the website may wish to take advantage of EC2, S3, possibly RDS as well as possibly ABS.

I have not used Amazon's EC2 cloud services. I'm curious to understand about the extra cost incurred when you are getting large quantities of traffic?

Relating to your second question about low cost home windows vps, what is your requirement? Like RAM, Bandwidth etc ? Most likely 1 GB RAM Home windows VPS (Self Manged) could cost you in a range from $30 to $40 per month.