I've attempted to make use of eclipse pluggins for web services previously, particularly for CXF, coupled with a really bad experience.
Which was a few years ago and I don't know whether it has enhanced (it has not thought).
Anyway I must consider axis2 and wondered when the eclipse pluggins for axis2 will work ok.
Does anybody practical knowledge in axis2/eclipse to inform me if using eclipse for axis2 has any issues? Must I try it out or I'll lose time?

You may also use WSO2 Carbon Studio - that is an eclipse based free tool...


It is dependent on which you are searching to get away from stated support. If you wish to have the ability to generate calls against a running Axis2 servier, then Eclipse Internet Tools Platform (WTP) is fairly handy.

It allows you take a webserver from the inside eclipse, and creates an application GUI from the WSDL apply for testing webservices. I have tried on the extender with Tomcat and Axis2 and found it pretty handy.