I am designing the Wordpress Admin site to suite me and you will find a number of things I wish to remove and personalize (menus, etc...).

I observed around the DashBoard section known as 'Right Now' you will find a number of things I do not need there. For example the modification THEME button and also the wordpress version and theme. I based in the source dashboard.php where they are made, but instead of edit the origin, can one simply make a function that intercepts and changes this therefore it does not render them?

I should also take away the DISCUSSION section and a few of the counts for Groups, TAGS, and PAGES.

It is possible to approach to take relating to this? Thanks!

Hmm I believe I solved this myself, although I am unsure properly. Using firebug I found the course names and element ID's from the version and alter THEME button and also the version and theme

I added this code during my functions.php:

function wpc_remove_admin_elements() {
    echo '<style type="text/css">
        .versions p {display:none !important;}
        .versions #wp-version-message {display:none !important;}
add_action('admin_head', 'wpc_remove_admin_elements');

This added some styling during my header to cover these components.

It is possible to more effective method of doing this or can i be ok? I still don't understand how to hide a few of the Content and Discussion counts within the RightNow dash.