I have to direct multiple domain names to some single group of (PHP) files. And So I point a website inside my server, which in turn would go to just one index.php file. This index.php file then picks up the domain being able to access it and returns the right content. I don't want to include domain names or set-up sites by hand though because this is for any content management service. So it ought to be a situation of the user registering also it immediately works without me needing to by hand do anything whatsoever. The file set should also exist only one time, so updates may be easily put on everybody.

I'm presently on hosting that is shared, however i believe I might need to proceed to a VPS (running Apache) to do this.

How do you start carrying this out?


Unless of course I am missing something by what you are attempting to do, an easy CNAME DNS record may go. Just CNAME the brand new domain for your existing 'main' domain.

However, if you want to understand what domain was asked for using hosting that is shared this perfectly might not work. The issue is that you simply would also need to setup the hosting account to simply accept demands in the new domain. This appears to become what you are attempting to avoid.

If this sounds like the situation, you will need a static IP, and Apache setup to accept wildcard domain names and pass these to the application (index.php within this situation). You might not require a VPS with this, only a relatively configurable hosting that is shared account.

Update: To obtain this focusing on hosting that is shared, browse the Apache VirtualHost directive. That is what Apache uses to create a (wait for this) 'virtual' web server (document root, logs, etc) permitting just one server to host multiple sites. Also checkout Named Based Virtual Hosting, you will need a free account that does not do virtual hosting this way.

"So it ought to be a situation of the user registering also it immediately works without me needing to by hand do anything whatsoeverInch... So you'd like miracle. Anyways domain names indicate a directory to ensure that is simple just point all domain names towards the same directory. PHP can examine the entire URL so that you can use that to choose this content. If you work with something similar to Joomla you may have the ability to personalize the beginning extension. For instance all joomla submissions are saved in tables named jos_XXX. It will theoretically be modifyable towards the base table is domain_com_XXX Maybe, but you will need to find the best programmer with this, I'm not sure associated with a systems that is going to do this as they are. Maybe another person might are conscious of one.