I saw Eloquera db and was quite impressed by using it. Presently I am thinking developing my next project on Eloquera and never Sql Server. And So I have several questions by using it.

  1. So how exactly does Eloquera works in enterprise and high loads?
  2. So how exactly does it match up against other free and commercial RDBMSes (I am talking about performance)?
  3. Could it be stable enough and dependable being produced atmosphere?
  4. Is there some type of GUI tool like SQL Management Studio?
  5. Has anybody done any benchmarks evaluating Eloquera along with other RDBMSes?

An incomplete response to Q5 is offered through the licence from Eloquera:

  • [You might not disclose the outcomes associated with a benchmark tests from the software to the 3rd party without Eloquera’s prior written approval

This isn't an infrequent restriction on DBMS. So, even when individuals have done benchmarking in-house, they aren't at liberty to let you know about the outcomes.