I needed to integrate a email management system onto this site.

Essentially things i want would be to:

  1. create subscription forms
  2. send emails to all registered customers or customers of the subscription campaigns
  3. Could be nice whether it could mix reference if your customer has turned into a registered user and take them of the customer list.

Searching for any advice or somebody who has used one and loved it. Prepared to take the dough whether it has okay features...

I'm using wordpress for that Content management systems, but any factor you've used or prefer to recommend could be great thanks!

While you describe it you're searching for e-newsletter system. For the reason that situation you may create a free account on mailchimp http://mailchimp.com/ after which use one of these simple plug ins for WordPress http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/search.php?q=MailChimp&sort=

This is actually the best answer for news letters. MailChimp has a forex account plan too commercial ones.

In other hands, for those who have in example 10000 people for the emails you cannot send mass mail out of your server, because for the reason that situation (I'm no 100% sure) your server could be marked like a junk e-mail server.

You may create a larger research to be able to discover more details about this :)