I wish to link from the report page during my web site to an connected Google Doc. The thing is that, the report page is dynamic and it is content is dependent around the resource it's speaking about. For every resource, I wish to possess a specific Google Doc document (collaboratively editable).

So, I am unable to by hand produce a Google Doc document and share it openly and obtain the url and hardcode it during my report page (this is the approach I've come across accustomed to embed a Google Doc inside a website, using iframe).

I've also required phone GoogleDocs API. I did not try to obtain the document's public url (share it after which obtain the url). API helps developing a document, upgrading it and thus with the API, as well as installing it. But, I would like the precise GoogleDocs visualization where customers can collaboratively edit a text.

How do i possess the document produced by Google Doc (for every new resource), giving me the general public url to ensure that I'm able to dynamically change it out during my report page? Can there be in whatever way?