I am focusing on an e-mail solution in SQL Server That uses Database Mail to transmit out HTML formatted emails. The issue would be that the images within the HTML have to be baked into the outgoing email. This would not be an issue basically were utilizing a .internet application to create &lifier send your email but, regrettably, all I've is SQL Server.

Is it feasible for SQL Server to embed images by itself?

You've two options:

  1. (easy) Host the pictures somewhere, and reference them within the <img src="...">.
  2. (difficult) Scribe them in Base64 and make a multipart MIME message with known content IDs, to allow them to be recommended within the message body via cid: URIs.

Each possibility has its own disadvantages:

  1. Remote images might not be loaded around the modern e-mail clients for privacy.
  2. Most likely increases junk e-mail score.

Once the receiving customers are inside your control (e.g. same organization), you may be equally fine with in either case.

You could attempt to scribe the look as base64 and reference it directly within an img tag inside the email ( <img src="data:image/png;base64[your encoded image here...] ) however i think most email clients correlate this method with junk e-mail. I believe you are best referencing located images or just affixing it towards the email.

Yes, what you ought to do is range from the images as accessories and they could be recommended inside the HTML.

Make use of the @file_attachment parameter of sp_send_dbmail