Can there be something similar to SQLite but a document-oriented database instead of an RDBMS?

Orient appeared to become something such as things i was searching for, but it's designed in Java, and I am searching for something I'm able to use from C++.

Ideally this is a serverless system, like SQLite.

There's RavenDB, designed in .Internet, by having an embedded version.

Another proposal is by using Berkley DB because it is enhanced for embedded use of data and incredibly mature. They don't only give a K/V based access but additionally SQL-like, XML, and Java Object Access. Additionally checkout this overview.

Really CouchDB isn't strictly server-oriented. It's meant to operate on a number of conditions. See for couch on mobile.

Erlang, CouchDB’s implementation language continues to be made to operate on embedded products magnitudes more compact and fewer effective than today’s phones.


Tokyo/Kyoto Cabinet is designed in C++, but is a straightforward key-value store.

Begin to see the complete nosql list for other options:

Try hamsterdb. It's designed in C and contains also C++ support (among others). You will find many platforms supported.

Have you think about using Xapian, the C++ counterpart of Lucene? It will help you store and run complex queries on documents with multiple fields.

I've not attempted myself, but maybe that one would meet your needs:



--C++ library for interacting with Apache CouchDB


I've clarified too quickly I see, as CouchDb is quite server oriented. Nonetheless, have a look.