Please suggest an embedded database with row securing feature for c# ?

Firebird may be a choice if you're searching for a totally free one.

I am unsure that which you mean by "row securing features" within this context, but perhaps you have checked out VistaDB ?

Is not that the self-beating request? If you're embedding the database then it is just being able to access personal files out of your executable. The file wouldn't support row securing and then any row securing through the embedded database could be restricted to the scope of the application. Are you currently creating a multi-threaded application?


Before you decide to lower election... browse the comments too!

ESENT is definitely an embedded database that is a part of Home windows (the Active Directory uses it). It's row securing but no query engine. The handled interface is here now:

I dont quite realise why you'd need row securing by having an embedded database? Are you currently using multiple threads for access across multiple connections or transactions? or are you currently presuming that other processes can access the datafile?

Presuming the row securing is really a mistake, Microsoft offers the ideal choice with SQL Server Compact edition ( This really is fully embeddable, and it is reasonably suitable for the entire SQL Server stack.

We highly recommend the excelent (dual license) Perst database. Disclaimer: I haven't any relation with the organization, just attempted the merchandise previously.