I will have to develop a C# WPF application by having an embedded database (so user need not use a database or perhaps a database server). My application have at the same time insertion (as much as 50) and every 50 of those insertion could occur at the same time every 10ms (so in 10ms I recieve 50 different data in to the same Table).

I'll then have to save each one of these datas along with some setting (e.g. TextBoxes) to some file and so i open these data and setting values towards the application at another time.

I'm a new comer to database - is SQLite adequate being an embedded database for such application? Does MySQL or PostgreSQL offer something embedded? And may I save a lot of database data to some file?

SQLite or SQL Server Compact would both work acceptable for this, in the seem of the needs.

VistaDB is yet another potential option, if you wish to make use of the same syntax as SQL Server but need >4GB (CE's restrictions).