Sorry for that dumb question as I am a newbie. Basically desired to develop a commercial Home windows application (one I'll cost $), what exactly are my options when it comes to an embedded datastore? Would I personally use MSDE? Is something which I'd bundle with my application? Exist other available choices (both from MS along with other suppliers)? Is it necessary to pay a fee towards the datastore vendor for every copy of the product which you include with every copy of the application that you simply sell?


Among the great options with this is SQLite. It's totally public domain, so technology-not only for just about any purpose whatsoever (including commercial software offered to make money) with no be worried about certification. You will find bindings readily available for a variety of platforms and languages.

How embedded does your computer data have to be? Whether it's in-process then SQL Server Compact Edition will be a wise decision.

Following-onto @Matt's answer, whether it need not maintain-memory, but needs a little footprint along with a server devoted for your application, then you should look at SQL Server Express Edition, that is free.

Firebird could be a sensible choice too.

It convey more features than SQLite