following a shutdown/restart in our webserver, this content cannot be fetched from your embedded H2 database. It's running H2 1..68.

The came back error is "General error: java.lang.Error: File ID mismatch got=1845493760 expected=31 pos=281601 true blockCount:6666"

This will be significant push data. We attempted the next to recuperate :

  1. append "RECOVER=1" in the finish from the url when hooking up. The came back error will be General error: java.lang.Error: double allocation in file /Customers/ jofallon81/db_27_07/ page 4400 blocks 281600-281663 [50000-68] HY000/50000

  2. make use of the "" tool. The output was the next : Produced file: /Customers/jofallon81/db_27_07/test.171.log.txt Produced file: /Customers/jofallon81/db_27_07/ Error: java.lang.Error: read len -128

Please advise regarding how to recover our data. Or do anybody learn about a business supplying these types of services ? I understand we ought to have migrated much sooner to more recent versions but they are there some migration tools to assist doing that ? I am unable to open my DB using the latest H2, it states it's not exactly the same database version.

Any help could be appreciated,

Thank you


29th of This summer 2011

If you feel you'll be able to allow us to, please e mail us. We lost important push data after H2 database corruption. We will be ready to purchase the service !

The information is simply copied with:

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