I am in need of assistance to have an embedded database for any Clojure application. It can be exactly the same criteria for every other Java application however i rather acquire some other individuals opinion anyway. I am not picking SQLite because that isn't pure Java so distribution of the stand alone application will get a lot more complex. It appears what you want is Apache Derby. Other things I ought to consider?

Certainly, H2

Listed here are the configurations,

 (def demo-settings
    :classname   "org.h2.Driver"
    :subprotocol "h2:file"
    :subname     (str (System/getProperty "user.dir") "/" "demo")
    :user        "sa"
    :password    ""

And so the usual Clojure SQL code:

  (with-connection demo-settings 
    (create-table :DEMO_TABLE
           [:M_LABEL "varchar(120)"]
           [:M_DATE "varchar(120)"]
           [:M_COMMENT "varchar(32)"]))

I made use of an embedded database, H2 within clojure and used clojureQL to gain access to it. Be cautioned though that because the database is within process you shouldn't make use of this for big levels of records (> than 10,000s in one table) because you will get huge performance problems because the database as well as your code will both be discussing exactly the same JVM

Perhaps you have checked out FleetDB? It is a Clojure database having a JSON protocol and clients in a number of languages. I suspect you can most likely run it embedded without working way too hard in internet marketing.

I believe Derby bakes an excellent 100% Java embedded database, and it is helpful for a multitude of programs, well-maintained by an energetic community, and incredibly well recorded.

If you do not mind NOSQL, neo4j is definitely an embeddable graph db with transactions, licensed underneath the GPL. Probably the most current bindings I have found are https://github.com/hgavin/borneo

There's also a fascinating graph db project in clojure with pluggable backends: https://github.com/flatland/jiraph

The still quite youthful but promising searching OrientDB may be worth a glance: http://www.orientechnologies.com/orient-db.htm


Plus there is http://jdbm.sourceforge.internet/