I am attempting to make use of the following instructions to embed the Mono runtime inside a C++ program. http://www.mono-project.com/Embedding_Mono

To initialize the runtime, you need to call mono_jit_init by having an input parameter known as file_title. They are saying that file_title may be the title from the primary set up file. - Exactly what do they mean by "primary set up file?" Is the title of the C# application that I wish to have running?

Just a little farther lower, they describe opening the set up and performing it through the call mono_domain_set up_open. This function requires a file title being an input parameter too and I am confused in regards to what this file ought to be too. If it is just like the prior one?

Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks,


mono_jit_init() requires a filename that's accustomed to set the domain title (in the title from the file, excluding your directory), the paperwork are a little outdated, I'll correct them. The framework version used would be the default one, which is dependent around the mono version.

If you want to initialize a particular framework version (2. or 4.) you should use mono_jit_init_version() rather.