I'm using Wordpress and I wish to possess some PHP instructions performed on my small page. Once I paste my HTML with embedded PHP (in HTML tab of WordPress editor), the PHP codes are instantly transformed into comments!! Below may be the example:

Things I type in HTML tab:

<div class="floated"><label for="contactName"><?php _e( 'Name', 'arizona' ); ?>*:</label>

What it really appears like once i visit Visual tab after which return to HTML tab:

<div class="floated"><label for="contactName"><!--?php _e( 'Name', 'arizona' ); ?-->*:</label>

It appears such as the editor just accept pure Web coding and converts the relaxation of unknown tags to comment! If that is the situation just how can have/call a php page inside my text!.

I want this as I wish to possess a contact page inside an accordion slider!

You should utilize a wordpress wordpress plugin to complete arbitrary php code in the page maintained within the editor.

I have used that one before, it's pretty good but when you receive into anything that must maintain condition or process forms, it may be a little untidy and surely possible. Not really a disadvantage from the wordpress plugin really, but of attempting to operate custom code you maintain within the page editor. It may be easier to write your custom code like a custom wordpress wordpress plugin.


This isn't a sensible practice, this is exactly why it isn't supported within Wordpress.

Listed here are considered good practices:

  1. Custom Code in your Theme
  2. Produce a Wordpress Wordpress plugin
  3. Produce a Wordpress Widget

If you prefer a contact page think about using the Contact Page 7 Wordpress plugin.


Which enables you to give a TAG you could use for the reason that accordion.