I've got a free wordpress blogging account and I've got a domain from GoDaddy that is sending to my wordpress blog. I wish to use Google's sitemap which requires me to include the meta tag during my wordpress page.

In The Search Engines Website owner tools or Yahoo's, basically use mysite.wordpress.com and obtain the meta tag within the blog, it really works, but when I personally use my domain title like mysite.com, it does not get verified. Why?

The reason being you are only sending the domain. It isn't really the domain of the blog, only a simple link. If you would like it to actually work you need to register your domain like a compensated domain in wordpress (it is like 10$ annually), after which it'll work. That is what Used to do, and I am pretty pleased with the outcomes.

Visit Tools inside your WordPress.com account dashboard (http://yourblog.wordpress.com/wordpress-admin/tools.php).

Do as instructed within the "Website owner Tools Verification" section.