I've got a 32 page 6 megabyte pdf that i must embed for viewing on my small wordpress site. However require the text in so that it is searchable through the wordpress search bar (i'm prepared to edit the search functions to get this done) I attempted transforming the pdf to html but didn't have success. Any scripts, hacks, or plug ins is needed. Im available to every sugestions.

Google can index this content of PDF files, though I am unsure if Bing can. Things I suggest that you simply do, thinking about that you won't want to convert your PDF files to HTML then publish it in your site, would be to vary from the built-in Wordpress Search, and rather make use of the Search Wordpress plugin.

You should use the Google Custom Search widget, or make use of the API.

Maybe Ligit may help, so long as they will use Google to look your website.