I've produced an internet service in django and it is located on the shared server.The django web service react to request from a game title produced in unity. But whenever game attempts to request a django Web service url the server send empty resonse.Fact is always:

World wide web Error: server return empty string

The Oneness webplayer needs a http offered policy file named "crossdomain.xml" to be shown around the domain you need to access using the WWW class, (even though this is unnecessary if it's exactly the same domain that's hosting the unity3d file).And So I placed personal files "crossdomain.xml" at the bottom of my domain ,but nonetheless i get same empty reply.Help plz...

EDIT: I attempted it through browser my service works fine and reply with proper response.And guess what happens My game can communicate to django web service when both of them are running on local machine.However the django project is located on actual server so when game attempted being able to access service it never get response :(


urlpatterns = patterns('',


def CrossDomain(request):
    f = open(settings.MEDIA_ROOT+'jsondata/crossdomain.xml', 'r')
    data = f.read()
    return HttpResponse(data, mimetype="application/xml")

def ReadFile(request):
   f = open(settings.MEDIA_ROOT+'jsondata/some_file.json', 'r')
   data = f.read()
   return HttpResponse(data, mimetype="application/javascript")

def Test(request):
   return HttpResponse("Hello", mimetype="text/plain")

When I stated using django with this is slight overkill since you could just serve them. Point aside though. In case your serving on the different server it may be

A) Connection problems imply that your fact is lost B) Firewall issues imply that the request mean something C) The server is not setup properly and for that reason it justs have an error.

You have to test the response around the server. same with you access the page around the server using your browser. If that's the case make the overall game create a request and appearance the server error and access logs. Within the apache access log you need to see something similar to

GET "/url" 200 every time a request is created.

If you do not use whatever request during then either the request is not made or it has been lost. Should you choose then the issue is within the code somewhere.