I happening a binge to improve speed of my website and optimize things i can within reason, one factor I took it into was editing some Apache/MySQL designs in order to decrease page loading time, I needed to test something with .htaccess however i hate 500 errors that develops, when i got PHP I am wanting to complete GZIP compression there.

An amount I add, plus some pointers how I ought to implement it during my own code?

As well as, GZIP is part of what compression library?

Traditionally you'd only have to add ob_start("ob_gzhandler") towards the to begin your page, make sure to output no content in advance and it'll take proper care of all the relaxation for you personally. You might want to make sure the browser is not Netscape (3) because it can't handle GZ encodings.

And also, GZIP is a part of what compression library?

GZIP is area of the ZLib library, and therefore requires it as being a dependancy.

You will get a lot of php.internet site ( php.internet/doctor_start for examplle )