MathJax is an extremely nice javascript library to create LaTeX code inside an html file. I am utilizing it inside a Wordpress blog and everything works fine once the publish is seen in the actual address. But, the mathematics parts aren't made in the search engines Readers and viewed as $x=lefty*( b+c right)$ for example.

The script is packed with the statement in Wordpress header and it is not incorporated within the RSS file. Even when it's incorporated, Google Readers hinders script tags.

It is possible to most convenient way to repair this issue to ensure that the customers can easily see the nicely made formulae within their visitors?

You can mix the MathJax Preview feature (begin to see the preRemoveClass option at with image generator web addresses, like individuals detailed at

This could need you to start encapsulating your LaTeX in script tags. For example, the next (untested example) might work:

<span class="MathJax_Preview"><img src="^2%2Bbx%2Bc%3D0" /></span>
<script type="math/tex">ax^2+bx+c=0</script>

For additional give you support should publish at:

MathJax help forum at sourceforge