I've PHP 5.2.14 placed on a Home windows box (installed via .msi) using Apache 2.2.16. The install included both ext/php_mcrypt.dll and libmcrypt.dll however when I uncommented extension=php_mcrypt.dll in php.ini and restarted Apache it does not enable. phpinfo() shows nothing for this. What shall we be held missing?


I checked out my error logs also it spit this to me:
PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Not able to load dynamic library 'C:PHP5extphp_mcrypt.dll' - The required module couldn't be located.registered nurse in Unknown online

I educate yourself a little relating to this and that i haven't any php dll's saved within the windows32/ folder, so I am confused.

You have to do the installation first, or possibly add the path towards the library for your home windows PATH enviroment variable, as you are focusing on home windows. Try: http://www.php.net/manual/en/mcrypt.installation.php

(There read "If you want to set up mcrypt on Home windows, it's also wise to place libmcrypt.dll within the PATH of the system.")

How you can set or edit an enviroment variable: http://www.support.tabs3.com/main/R10463.htm

I believed it through a mix of lessons:

  1. Added libmcrypt.dll towards the System32 folder
  2. Uncommnted the include_path var in php.ini and added the road to ext
  3. Restarted Apache

Fortunately, no system reboot was needed. Whether either of the aforementioned was necessary, it does not matter since mcrypt is functioning. Thanks, everybody.