I truly have no idea what's the problem nor does this site hosting companies. Im using wordpress to operate my company and Im utilizing a shop wordpress plugin known as "Shopp". Whenever I complete the Paypal Professional particulars to process charge card on my small website, I recieve teh following around the checkout page: "Opera has detected the server is redirecting the request this address in ways which will never complete."

You can be assured the wordpress plugin is not related to it as being I've attempted different shop plug ins. Can someone help? The url is www.imayne.co.united kingdom/shop/checkout

Couple of info: I've SSL instantly installed by my provider Located package was stated to become Linux

Usually that's triggered with a page (or pages) that merely redirect to one another:


header("Location: second.php")


header("Location: first.php");

or perhaps a single page that redirects to itself. look at your server logs to determine just what the asked for URL is, after which search for a wordpress rule that'd make the redirect. Possibly you are attempting to redirect from non-SSL to SSL-enabled pages, but they are doing the redirect wrong, which means you finish up back in the same page, which in turn attempts to redirect to SSL, fails, etc...

and even, after trying your link, you receive rerouted to https://www.imayne.co.uk/shop/checkout/, which in turn continues redirecting to itself. So, your shopping vehicle system would seem to be damaged.