Can you really place the "€" (like a VARCHAR) inside a Oracle Database whose character set is : ISO-8859-1 ?

I wish to range from ISO-8859-1 to ISO-8859-15 charset (as well as Home windows-1252 charset will fit) my database to be able to keep "€" during my database, only one explained by using a ISO-8859-1 charset for that database, it might be easy to store directly my "€" char.

So however , for now, I'm looking for this solution for that ISO-8859-1 database > There will be a mean to place the "€" (based on charset from the clients/motorists/etc., although not with respect to the charset from the database)

What's your perspective about this.. ?

If it's true, then why do we must define a personality looking for the Oracle database ? One explained that case for Oracle "to understand the number of bytes are necessary to scribe the smoothnessInch (and for that reason to select a charset is the same as only choose numerous bits for Oracle to scribe each character. conclusion: ISO-8859-1 = ISO-8859-15-Home windows = 1252 somewhat for Oracle because the amount of needed bits are identical...)

I really hope I'm (almost) obvious.. But for me I believe which i will never have the ability to perform an Place (with "€") and Choose and retrieve my "€" on the ISO-8859-1 database...

Thank you for reading through me..

(PS: database is 10g version)

The character isn't designated in ISO-8859-1. Therefore there's no method for you to represent it. Exactly the same byte as with ISE-8859-15 can be used to represent ¤ (financial general symbol).


Oracle needs knowing with what character place it will scribe the database for an additional reasons:

  • Know on the number of bytes to keep each character
  • Having the ability to perform conversions once the clients NLS will vary (some client is delivering a question in UTF-8, with data that's valid ISO-8859-1: Oracle can translate it).
  • Packages that evaluate column contents (like full text search) are responsive to what character it's.