Internet developer and new in PHP. I wish to know, it is possible to framework for PHP such as the Entity Framework within the Microsoft .Internet Framework?

What are the utility programs to create dealing with data faster and simpler?

I'd recommend you have a look at Doctrine ORM. Doctrine can generate your table to PHP class mappings using YAML, which is comparable to NHibernate's mappings using XML. Doctrine offers command line tools to rebuild facets of your computer data layer according to changes either to your schema, the models themselves or even the database tables you are abstracting over.

I have only really checked out NHibernate, not tried on the extender. And So I wouldn't claim that they can understand specifically how good the 2 ORMs approaches mix-over I am sure a fast glance through their documentation is needed you achieve a much better conclusion.

I am unfamiliar with Entity Framework, but have a look at Agile Toolkit. It's a PHP5 based Web UI Framework, makes dealing with data organizations a lot simpler.