I have labored with MySQL and MSSQL for a while and also have used a number of Situation and UML tools when creating a number of my more complicated projects.

I had been lately requested with a friend basically could offer an Access database for his department. The applying itself is not too complicated, and Access really appears like the perfect tool for that task at hands.

Aside from a few very amateur databases a long time ago (before I'd even heard about normalization) I've not much connection with Access. I have experienced the habit of smoking of utilizing ER diagrams to create databases and wish to perform the same whenever using Access. It appears the built-in "Relationship" view is okay for viewing associations (duh!), but you need to produce the tables first, which appears to defeat the purpose somewhat.

Does anybody are conscious of in whatever way to directly design the database utilizing an ERD, either natively within Access, otherwise via round-trip generation using a third party tool? Non from the software It's my job to use support Access.

I believe I have been spoiled by by utilizing "real" databases, but any assistance is appreciated...

Update: I decided the solution below since it jogged my memory about using ODBC to do the job - I already make use of the excellent ArgoUML application that may connect via ODBC. Wanted to explain that choosing the solution below wasn't promoting the ModelRight application when i never required to do the installation.

ModelRight is going to do this for you personally. You are able to download the city version that will access any db using ODBC and Mysql.


I presently utilize it with SQL server and delay pills work great.

Dezign from datanamic (erd tool) can see in access databases making a diagram from it. No ODBC needed. Native link with ms access.

dezign for databases