I simply became a member of a brand new company , which will start focusing on an ERP solution. With this solution they're using .Internet 3.5 rather than .internet 4..Simply because they believe that .Internet 4. continues to be not stable also it may has server hosting issues.

I've looked on .internet and located no results associated with .internet 4. issues .Also I lately did myself a little website on .internet 4. and located no the process of performance , API stability or hosting.

Can anybody here produce any valid guidance to select .Internet 3.5 over 4. or the other way around?

A lot of companies are conservative, and believe the latest technology ought to be permitted to mature before getting used, no matter whether you will find any proven problems. In the event that's their position, there isn't much that you can do about this.

The only real factor you are able to have to say is that .Internet has proven itself to become a very stable framework, even just in . releases. In the past, there haven't been many stability or security difficulties with it. But as the saying goes, past performance isn't any inidcator of future results.

You will find none. .Internet 4 just adds new functionality about the existing framework.


You will find one justification: they would like to support Mono (to have the ability to operate on other platforms than home windows)