I am getting this issue having a form, whenever I submit an application within this new server I recieve a 406 Error - Not Acceptable.

I only have the FTP of the server so any changes I must made is restricted with that.

I have checked if mod_security is enabled using this method:

<IfModule mod_security.c>

... Perform some kind of redirect or re-writing in here ...


It did not redirect therefore it means mod_security isn't installed? Basically run the redirect outdoors the IfModule tag it might redirect with no problem.

I have produced an evaluation form for everyone to check, just key in % on any area and click on submit it would display the mistake. Any alphabet character is ok and won't display the mistake.

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Also I have added this during my htaccess file and the issue is there.

<IfModule mod_security.c>
        SecFilterEngine Off
        SecFilterScanPOST Off

What appears to become the issue here?

Edit: My original answer.

This is your problem.

You need to consider cleaning your computer data using the easily available PHP functions. They may be found here, at PHP.net.

This SO question will let you too.

Sanitizing strings to make them URL and filename safe?

All the best.

I had been wayyy from the mark here. Sorry.

Inside your position, I'd simply contact my webhost - they might not be permitting your .htaccess to override that directive. Furthermore, since you've only got FTP access, it appears like you would be determined by them anyway.

Again, all the best. Because it is not your webserver, you are subject to your host.