I made use of something similar to Dim i As String i = Server.MapPath("~/photos/") + fileName Only occasionally project which was working an internet-based, around the offline version, after i run it on my small machine, its working, no errors, I submitted it, it provided a mistake like:

'~/photos/http://www.MyURL.com/photos/4411568359267Pic003.jpg' isn't a valid virtual path.

Showing a line during my code:

 var marker = new GMarker(new GLatLng(<%=coordinates%>));

This haven't happened before, and I'm not sure how to start troubleshooting because this script -Google Maps- does not even need images, i attempted to comment it, it provided exactly the same error but on the different script this time around, the one which show formatting plugin for that text areas

Line 8:  new nicEditor({buttonList : ['fontSize','fontFamily','fontFormat','bold','italic','underline','strikethrough','forecolor','bgcolor','removeformat'], iconsPath : '../nicEdit/nicEditorIcons.gif'}).panelInstance('<%= txtDescription.ClientID %>');

..help :'(

are you able to publish your fileupload aspx page as well as your function therefore we can trobleshoot and fix it. "'~/photos/http://www.MyURL.com/photos/4411568359267Pic003.jpg'" look carefully in the url, it's tacking the entire url onto "i". which kind of control or else you using, a normal or perhaps a server side control

solved, works out the mistake is because of old database records after i was storing the entire path within the fileName...Thanks Joshua and Keltex