I am using DTO to map my DB to some Java object.

I'd a mistake such as this doku.eds2.dto.Transaction.getListedStatus()Ljava/lang/Character;

I've checked my file, it consists of the getListedStatus() method.

@Column(name="listed_status", length=1)
public Character getListedStatus() {
    return this.listedStatus;

public void setListedStatus(Character listedStatus) {
    this.listedStatus = listedStatus;

as well as my table consists of this area :

          Column           |            Type             | Modifiers 
listed_status              | character(1)                | 

How do i fix this error?

Thank ahead of time.

This kind of error frequently happens for those who have two different versions of the class, one using the method and something without. When the one with no method eventually ends up within the classpath sooner than the main one with, then you'll have an error such as this.

Make certain that the classpath doesn't contain every other classes from the type "doku.eds2.dto.Transaction". If you are in Eclipse, this can be done by pressing Control-Change-T and entering the course title in to the search. When you get multiple matches, you most likely possess a class path or dependency problem.