I am stumped. I have got an asp.internet mvc application being located on the hosting that is shared provider. The configuration of the system leaves just a little to become preferred, but it is cheap (getting things i purchase I guess...)

The issue is this: The applying is located at the bottom degree of the hosting account. I've got a virtual directory established beneath the root that's managing a .internet 2. web application together with an internet service. I'm able to access the net service directly through the domain/subdirectory url. The primary web application (at the bottom level) needs use of the net service within the virtual (subdirectory). In your area in development, I'm able to run the application from the web service on the hosting server also it runs all right. After I push the net application as much as the main from the hosting service, I recieve "The remote title couldn't be resolved: ".

In the beginning I figured the mistake was associated with the DNS configurations from the primary domain since both web application and web service technically live in the same domain. Included in just looking to get something working, I reverted the net application to reference a mature version from the web service on the different server (different host altogether). Again, it really works fine in your area. After I push the up-to-date web application, I acquired exactly the same error, but observed the host title recommended is the exterior domain. Obviously, I'm able to access the net service through the browser all right.

Sorry if the does not make total sense... it's late and I am beat from searching only at that going back couple of hrs. Any help could be greatly appreciated.

EDIT Therefore the web application simply includes a Web Mention of the the net service (I possibly could most likely just restructure the application staying away from the net service altogether, but time is important [for the time being]). Since I Have got stuck last evening, I pointed the net reference to a classic server however the problem remains. At this time the url the net reference points to is http://road34.hi-fisoftware.com/webservices/giigsterservice.asmx.

When the server includes a firewall then as well as an exterior ip and various internal ip then most likely you won't have the ability to access the webservice using the domain title. you will have to can get on as internal url or as relative url.