I've this website http://www.laeconomista.com/ And installed a searchbox however when I attempt to create about this and then try to search something

the searchbox instantly reload the page, and does'nt work fine

I believe that's an issue with css or something like that using the header form input (submit or text)

Please might help me just how can fix this

thank you for all...

The issue is here:

<h1 id="logo"><a href="http://www.laeconomista.com/">La economista          </h1>

You didn't remember to shut your link (there's no </a>) meaning the whole form is within the link. So the moment you click the form, you're linked to exactly the same page.

Alter the line to:

<h1 id="logo"><a href="http://www.laeconomista.com/">La economista</a></h1>

Also it should repair the problem.

For whatever reason you possess an anchor tag that has not closed, you need to just take it off. You need to take it off or close it.

<a href="http://www.laeconomista.com/"> REMOVE THIS
    <form id="searchform" action="http://www.laeconomista.com/" method="get" role="search">
            <label class="screen-reader-text" for="s">Buscar por:</label>
            <input id="s" type="text" name="s" value="">
            <input id="searchsubmit" type="submit" value="Buscar">


Apparently it's due to a unclosed anchor within the ... see @daverandom's publish!!