We're presently utilizing a template-based website and therefore are wishing to maneuver to some site with static web addresses. Our domain will stay. I realize that using 301 redirects inside a .htaccess file may be the preferred method -- and the one which has got the greatest possibility of protecting our google ratings.

I'm still new whatsoever this and am getting a difficult time determining the best way to code everything.

On the hundred in our pages are indexed. Every one has an identical URL however with different pageIDs: http://world wide web.realestate-bigbear.com/Nav.aspx/Page=%2fPageManager%2fDefault.aspx%2fPageID%3d2020765

Some link to provided content, ex. /RealEstateNews/Default.aspx

Then you will find many who flow in the primary featured entries page: /ListNow/Default.aspx Lower to any or all the particular qualities.. in which the PropertyId changes /ListNow/Property.aspx?PropertyID=2048098

would an easy group of codes work... such as the following....
redirect 301 /Nav.aspx/Page=%2fPageManager%2fDefault.aspx%2fPageID%3d2020765 world wide web.realestate.bigbear.com/SearchBigBearMLS.htm

or should i make a move entirely different?

This is dependent on what you're attempting to do. For instance using what you published, All the formerly unique pages are likely to visit a single page. I do not think that's what for you to do, as ultimately, that's probably likely to reduce the quantity of information that's indexed by Google.

Typically you need to map any/all pages you want to help keep around, you are able to condense some, but when there's still a really unique page for every content item, you will need to be certain you have planned it.