I'm carrying out a clean install of OS X Snow Leopard and I'm wondering what individuals think should enter in the ideal webmaster atmosphere?

Can One obtain a good rundown of stuff you would do when establishing a clean system?

My primary focus is HTML, CSS, PHP, and Actionscript work. However I would like to dabble in other languages and frameworks too (including Ruby and Python, Rails and Django).

The primary goals

  • Cleanly and rationally organized
  • Efficient to include new frameworks, project source code and packages
  • Simple to disable components, frameworks and areas of the atmosphere
  • Capability to host multiple projects synchronised without a lot of conflicts or dependencies
  • Effective source treatments for all projects and atmosphere designs
  • Somewhat idiot proof for any non system administrator, but sufficient energy to personalize
  • Simple to isolate and debug atmosphere designs.

I know of MAMP and XAMPP. And That I use Git.

I had been considering using macports for establishing various tools and packages. I should also cleanly manage frameworks. However I should also have the ability to test out unknown frameworks without anxiety about cluttering or breaking my normal daily working atmosphere.

I understand the command line however i am in no way something administrator. With all of nevertheless an amount you recommend for controlling the hosting atmosphere? Aside from VM are their tools for easily sandboxing designs (different versions of frameworks, databases, webservers, etc) and connecting these to particular client's project code?

It appears like macports by putting my way through /opt is what you want. I do not need to bother about mucking in the system binaries. And when I get it wrong or wish to begin again I'm able to blow away /opt anytime I wish to.

Exist tools to handle changes for your local web atmosphere? For instance basically use a particular package can one easily see "what's transformed". Essentially a method to perform a diff on a part of or perhaps the whole system to be aware what implications have been in place when i add new a brand new framework or update a package like PHP, Ruby, Perl, MySQL, Apache, etc. How about pictures and backup copies from the configuration? can one version control this? Basically setup PHP and Apache inside a specific way to utilize a particular clients hosting atmosphere needs can one undo that configuration to rapidly switch to another project?

You can mention or link various other questions or solutions if the question has any overlap. And I don't know if the question is going on serverfault or superuser. However I am mostly interested to listen to the other web-developers have to give you.

Also, particularly I'm curious to understand from individuals mistakes. The primary gist is, should you be beginning over how would you react in a different way? Understanding what you realize now?

For snapshotting entire configurations including servers VM's could be what you want. In Linux I frequently use chroots to isolate an install, however the Apache ports etc continue to be shared.