I have to setup a buildbot hosting atmosphere which is capable of doing controlling a lot of independent projects, and ideally supplies a web front-finish for customers to handle their buildbot instance.

So far as I'm able to gather, there is not this type of utility available right now.

I am likely to roll my very own, but tend to really apply certain advice before dealing with this foolhardy task.

  • Is really a project already available, or perhaps is there such like I possibly could build upon?

  • Extend buildbot to permit build masters to handle multiple independent projects, or produce a new utility to handle multiple cases of build masters?

  • Anybody thinking about working together on this kind of undertaking?

Every other advice to influence me lower your path also appreciated.

Some background info:

I am attempting to promote using buildbot inside my community but one from the biggest hurdle I face is when complex the setup could be especially for that uninitiated. N.B. Sometimes inside a research atmosphere where Fortran is (and it has been for decades) the word what of preference and Python continues to be somewhat novel.

It's like the only method I'm able to promote common adoption of buildbot over the many projects inside my community is use a easy-to-use hosting service for buildbot.

Loki is really a (now) Django-based project used "to centralize the constant maintenance of buildbots across a sizable build farm."

Request about the buildbot maillist too. I believe there is another similar project going ahead too, however i aren't able to find the reference at this time.