I am running Leopard and wanted to be aware what the easiest way to create an internet development atmosphere to make use of Python, MySQL, Apache on my small machine which may let me develop on my small Mac after which easily move it to some host later on.

EDIT: I have been looking to get mod_wsgi installed and set up to utilize Django and also have a headache now. What are the web hosting companies that presently use mod_wsgi besides Google and so i could just develop there?

Most python applications are leaving mod_python. It may vary by framework or provider, but many development effort is certainly going into mod_wsgi.

While using WSGI standard could make you python application server agnostic, and permit other nice additions like WSGI middleware. Other companies may provide cgi (which will not scale well performance smart), or fastcgi.

I have labored with django only using the incorporated server within the manager.py script and haven't had any problem moving to some production atmosphere.

Should you place your application inside a host that does the atmosphere configuration for you personally (like webfaction) you shouldn't have problems moving from development to production.

FWIW, we have found virtualenv [http://pypi.python.org/pypi/virtualenv] to become an excellent a part of our dev setup. We typically focus on multiple projects which use different versions of Python libraries etc. It's tough to do that on a single machine without a way use a localized, personalized Python atmosphere, as virtualenv does.

I operate a linux virtual machine on my small mac laptop, this enables me to help keep my development atmosphere and production conditions perfectly synchronized (making pictures for simple experimentation / rollback). I have found VMWare Fusion works the very best, but you will find free free options for example VirtualBox if you want to get the ft wet.

I share the origin folders in the guest linux operating-system on my small mac and edit all of them with the mac source editor of my selecting (I personally use eclipse / pydev since the otherwise excellent textmate does not deal well with Chinese text yet). I have recorded the program setup for that guest linux operating-system here, it's enhanced for serving multiple django applications (including geodjango).

For added added fun, you are able to edit your mac's /etc/hosts file to create yourdomainname.com resolve for your guest linux boxes internal IP and also have a simple method to focus on / test multiple web projects online or offline without an excessive amount of hassle.

What you are searching for is Mod_Python. This is an Apache-based interpreter for Python. Take a look here:


Google App Engine has been doing it for you personally. Some restrictions however it is effective, and it offers a superior a road to hosting free.

Obviously Mac OS X, in recent versions, includes Python and Apache. However you might want to convey more versatility within the versions you utilize, or you might not such as the tweaks Apple makes to how they are set up. A great way to obtain a more generic tools, including MySQL, would be to set them up anew. This helps your portability issues. The frameworks can be used relatively easily using these free package companies.

You might want to consider web2py It offers an admin interface to build up via your browser. All you'll need in a single package, including python.