I have been employed by a couple of years on the task for a friend, and contains gradually developed into a sizable website. In early stages, I simply did development on my small local machine having a local database, then used any web site and database changes towards the live site.

This labored well for some time, but recently we have been getting difficulties with deployment. We want to setup a staging atmosphere for testing before we deploy towards the production atmosphere.

The website I am using for hosting does not provide a staging atmosphere for that site, so I'm wondering things i can perform to obtain a staging atmosphere setup. If my website is world wide web.mysite.com, can one use staging.mysite.com, or should i purchase another domain?

I am curious regarding how others handle this...

Unsure it is really an SO question but just in case it's:

  • It might rely on the help provided by your internet host, some offer sub-domain names, for any cost
  • You might deploy to some sub-folder, eg world wide web.mysite.com/staging
  • Purchase another (cheaper?) hosting plan, eg world wide web.mystagingsite.com
  • If you do not need public access, just deploy to a different local machine, either physical or virtual