I am using Apache, and I am trying to setup a subdomain for any virtual host, which in turn indicates a server on the different Ip.

Therefore the virtual host is www.example.com, Let me setup images.example.com, and point it to 127...1.

I have consulted a few of the clarified questions about SO along with other sites, but I am a bit overcome and I'd rather not risk destroying a production site. Any help greatly appreciated.

Well, for those who have treatments for your DNS records with this domain, that might be the very best and easiest solution- simply have www.example.com indicate Ip xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx and pictures.instance.org indicate xxx.xxx.xxx.yyy. That assumes you've different openly accessible IP addresses which you can use for that two domain names. Also it assumes you have treatments for your DNS records.

If that's not the situation, then you definitely might be thinking about a solution I published on another Apache question: http://stackoverflow.com/a/8319842/1072282

It handles getting one apache server answer for multiple domain names on a single Ip, however transmits (proxies) demands for among the domain names to a different server to become offered there.