I have to setup a proxy with authentication to ensure the behaviour of the application that connects to the web.

I'm attempting to set-up an Apache installation with forward proxy and authentication, and despite the fact that I'm close to really make it work, I question if there's maybe an easy method, because the configuration is rather esoteric.

Just how can Apache be set up to operate by doing this?

Can there be every other wise decision that's already set up? Maybe some VM as well as other software program, rather than Apache?

For that record, this is the way I setup apache for use like a forward-proxy with fundamental authentication:

Open http.conf

Uncomment the next LoadModule directives make it possible for proxy funcionality

LoadModule proxy_module modules/mod_proxy.so

LoadModule proxy_http_module modules/mod_proxy_http.so

Add the next directives towards the http.conf make it possible for authentication

ProxyRequests On

ProxyVia On

<Proxy *>

    Order deny,allow

    Allow all

    AuthType Fundamental

    AuthName "Password Needed"

    AuthUserFile password.file

    AuthGroupFile group.file

    Require group usergroup


Produce a password.file while using htpasswd.exe utility. Put it around the Apache Root directory

htpasswd.exe -c password.file username

Produce a group.file utilizing a text editor in the same level because the password.file using the following contents

usergroup: username

I personally use Squid.

The correct answer is simple to do the installation and also to setup it having a fundamental authentication using the "auth_param" directive within the configuration file.

You will discover some samples, experience how it works, and all particulars concerning the auth_param on Squid Website

What version of Apache is the fact that httpd.conf obtained from ?

I am while using Home windows one:


Which does not appear to operate: the demands don't get challenged for any password (attempted Opera, IE, Opera).

Basically make use of the same approach however for general demands such as this:


    AuthType Fundamental

    AuthName "Password Needed"

    AuthUserFile "D:Program FilesApache GroupApache2passwords"

    Require valid-user


(Or make use of a '<Directory>' rather than '<Location>') : then your browser IS properly challenged for in your area offered pages.

I visit a couple of other posting on the internet generally relating to this : performs this really go a long way within the version of Apache I am using ?

Yes, Mario's solution works in Apache 2.2. I'm not sure what you ought to do for just two. however i think this forward proxying has worked for some time. Make certain that you're really dealing with this virtuahost for that pages and never the overall host.