Ok, making this my first attempt for establishing an Feed.

Here's what my client wants. He's your blog he creates to around 3 occasions each week.

He wants me to setup the Feed to ensure that as he posts his Wordpress Blog, the Feed creates an rss feed using the title from the blog.

Where will i begin?

Im with an Apache server, and im farily skilled at using PHP...but have no idea the procedure to start.


WordPress has full, built-in RSS abilities: WordPress Feeds « WordPress Codex. If you want more or different functionality, consider the feed plug ins: RSS WordPress Plugins

I'd use Wordpress' built-in Wordpress plugin search to find an RSS wordpress plugin feed and undergo all of their features. It ought to be as simple to simply download and install the wordpress plugin. Incidents where includes other designs you may make also it instantly (usually) updates the Wordpress blog showing towards the bot in which the Feed is (as well as puts on the nice Feed image to work with)

100s available, It is best to start within Wordpress and browse the consumer rankings on a few of the plug ins